Positive Property Investing


It doesn't matter whether you invest in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria or Tasmania, (and it makes good sense to spread your risk throughout the country) as purchasing an investment property should be based on adequate research and analysis.

Taking the emotion out of the property selection equation allows you to view your investment property as an investment medium.

After all, you don't need to shop at Coles, Woolworths or Target, or bank at the Commonwealth Bank to assess whether you wish to purchase shares in those companies!


These decisions are made based on performance, yield and potential and investing in property is no different!


Cash-flow positive property will have an income which, when added to the tax breaks you get from claiming expenses and depreciation, outweigh the outgoings such as loan interest, rates, body corporate fees, etc...


To put this into perspective.


If a property costs you $40.00/week (after tax), then you are limited in the number of properties you can buy to the amount of your surplus income.

If a property gives you $40.00/week (after tax), then you are only limited by your existing equity or available cash.

Cash in your pocket equals more available funds to pay down any debt while placing you more quickly in a position where you have increased your equity and made room for further investing.

This means increased investing potential and a greater chance at a financially independent retirement.


Cash-flow positive property investment can provide the means to accrue a secure retirement income.