Buying Investment Properties to suit Families

Part of short listing properties is to find properties that fit within your re-defined criteria.

Some will look to purchase apartments and some holiday homes, but the type of property we are addressing here is the family home that is to be bought for an investment property.

It pays to remember that most renting families have small children and not only are their own children at the property but also those of friends, family and neighbours.

It pays to make a family sized investment property as safe as possible.

The obvious factors to look for when buying a family sized investment property are those that will make the property more inviting for a renter, such as:

- close to schools

- close to shops

- on a good transport links

- entertainment facilities or sports facilities nearby

But as well as the obvious above, other factors to look for are these:

- a safe outdoor play area

- a safe outdoor entertainment area

- fully fenced pool

- preferably full fenced

- safe clothes line

- the layout of the house in the sense of it suiting a family

- internal hazards such as stairs, flooring, window treatments, window and door security

- garaging that is safe and suitable for small children in the house

If a family home is your choice of property check it through carefully when viewing the property, note down any faults that you find and evaluate the cost of changing them.

It is easier on you and less stressful if an investment property is designed and fitted out to be safe from the very first day.

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