How To Spot A Property Investing Scam

It's no secret that it’s possible to create wealth through property investing.

However, far too many people seem to think that property investing is way too difficult for them to do by themselves and so they flock to property investing seminars in an attempt to educate themselves a bit more about their options.

Knowledge is power and education is a great thing, especially if you're thinking about investing a considerable amount of money therefore it's wise to understand as much as possible about any investment vehicle you want to include in any wealth building strategy.

Unfortunately, not all property seminars are on the same level.

In fact, some of them are downright scams perpetuated by property spruikers.

These are the people who happily lure unsuspecting people into buying overpriced properties thinly disguised as good investments.

By knowing what to look out for, you can avoid the tricks and traps.

Learn how the seminars work

The seminars usually follow a very similar pattern.

They begin by showing you the consequences of retiring without having enough superannuation. They show images of poverty and retired people living on meagre incomes, barely able to survive.

This switches to images of good looking Australians achieving wealth through negative gearing residential properties.

These are usually punctuated with intricate graphs and charts showing projected capital growth figures and various models designed to pay off your mortgages (that aren't supposed to be scrutinized too closely).

They'll even go into the huge amounts of tax you won't have to pay if you follow their plans.

From there, the seminar presenter will then point out that the best possible properties to buy are always the ones they have available for you.

They'll tell you that they've done all the research and they've saved money on "bulk" purchases with builders so you can benefit.

If you see a pattern like this emerging in any seminar you're at, chances are you're about to be ripped off…head for the door!

Signs of a Property Scam

As mentioned earlier, not all property seminars are scams, however, there are some common signs to look for that should ring some alarm bells.

Have we got an offer for you!

These types of seminars are always initiated by them – not you.

They'll send you an invitation to a "free" seminar teaching you how to build wealth through property. They'll call you on the phone and ask if you want to reduce your tax bill at the same time as becoming a property millionaire just by turning up to their seminar.

They'll email you out of the blue with an awesome opportunity to get rich, but only after you've listened to their entire spiel. You get the idea.

The long sales spiel

The seminar might feature some interesting tips and points about investing in real estate, backed by a few speakers. Then the real sales pitch will begin.

The spruiker will need to set up an appointment with you at your home to talk with you personally about how it all works and to see if you qualify for their deal.

These types of spiels have been known to last for up to six hours, after which time anyone will be willing to sign up for almost anything at all.

Build your way to wealth

Constructing a new home for investment purposes isn't a bad thing, but when you're being sold an overpriced property that costs you far more than what other similar homes in that area are worth, you could be in trouble.

You'll be told that you can save on stamp duty, which is true.

You'll be told that building a new home gets you some better tax advantages, which is also true.

Then the sales person will point out that you could try to do it all by yourself, but you won't get as good tax benefits as you would by buying their deal instead.

This is simply because they can hike up the price you pay and boost their own profits.

Up-coming investment suburbs

The majority of these types of "deals" will offer you the opportunity to construct new homes in outlying suburbs or low socio-economic areas.

You may also be offered investment opportunities in different states to the one in which you live.

All under control

Experienced investors understand that it's very possible to build wealth by seeking good quality properties that are priced well and that represent good value for their own investment strategies.

However, these property spruikers will make it very clear that they have already done all your homework for you.

They will tell you they've struck a deal with a developer so they can get better prices through bulk buying.

They'll even tell you that there's no way you could possibly go out and get it right if you do it all on your own. You need them or you'll fail!

All managed for you

The sales sharks pushing these deals will be keen to take control of the entire transaction.

They'll control the conveyancer working on your transfer documents, the mortgage broker arranging your finance, the builder you have to build the property through, and the rental agent handling your tenants.

While this might sound like an easy solution for many newer investors, it's simply a way for the sales person to keep control of the transaction so you don't get to see that you're buying an overpriced dud.

Avoiding the Property Investing Scams

Perhaps the best possible way to avoid being caught by these types of property investing scams is to sit down and do your homework yourself.

It's not difficult and it's not challenging. The key is to be sure you understand what you want to buy and how it will affect your overall financial and investment situation before you begin.

If you do these things you should find that you end up with some great real estate that can become excellent investments over time.

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